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I keep getting asked by a couple of customers to post more in our blog.  For me personally (Jim) sitting down at the computer and writing isn't something I am very good at.  More so, I would say without a prompt it gets kind of difficult.  Not to mention the blog capabilities of this web platform we use isn't the best for writing and creating.
So, I pose the question, what do you want to see here? 
Product reviews?
Box Openings?
Convention coverage?
Thoughts about upcoming shows and potential products?
Personal thoughts about the industry (anime/toy/sci-fi)?

I actually went through and updated the look of the web site recently and even updated the calendar of events page to show which conventions we are at.  I/we are going to try and tweet and instagram some more.  I, Jim, am really not that good at social media. This all would be so much easier if I were a multi-millionaire and could just throw money and hire amazing people to do some of this stuff for me.  Alas, I am not; thus, you are stuck with me for the time being.  Or at least until I make millions and can hire a ton of people who are actually good at this stuff.

Let us work together to make Megaroad the store you want to see and shop at.