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Slat wall and gondolas for the side of the store with the stairs are in place! Before installing the final pieces, the Megaroad team members who were present signed the wall.

While this side of the store has a smaller span of slat, we used more pieces than we'll use on the other side, and the protruding portion of the wall led to some installation challenges. Some of our slat wall needed to be repaired or cut down for this work. The other wall is flat and hopefully we'll have smoother sailing preparing it.

Dinner tonight was at Anthony Jr's! Their menu features hoagies, burgers, pizza, entree salads, and pasta. There's something for everyone, which is an absolute feat when faced with the dietary restrictions of a group like ours. Pizza fans can grab a standard pie or their Sicilian deep dish, which is huge -- two slices per person seems to be enough for us.