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Neo Decadriver and K-Touch21 Set DX (US Release)

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Part Number:BANBT0047
  • Batteries:4 AAA (Not Included)
Transform into Kamen Rider Decade from Kamen Rider Zi-O vs Decade movies!
This is the Neo Decadriver first shown in Kamen Rider Zi-O originally available as a P-Bandai release.

This set includes:
  • Neo Decadriver (Totally Magenta!)
  • Belt
  • K-Touch 21 (All the cards!!!)
  • KamenRide cards for the 10 Heisei Riders
  • KamenRide cards for the 10 NEO Heisei Riders
  • Final Attack Ride cards for all included riders
  • 2 Cards for the K-Touch 21 (to do his complete form)
  • Cards for Grand Zio, Zero-1, and Zero-2

If you are a Kamen Rider Decade fan this is the set for you! 

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