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Complete Selection Modification (CSM) Kamen Rider KIVA Belt

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At long last the Kivat the Third is getting the CSM treatment. 
This CSM belt features an adult sized belt (so those of us who are not children or gifted with tiny wastes can wear this without any modification*).
  • Kivat has a motion sensor so, when you fly him around he will make sounds according to movement
  • Kivat will interact with the Tatsulot, they can talk to each other through a wireless communication method
  • Kivat is voice activated, so he will respond to you
  • Includes the main 6 whistles from the show
  • Larger belt to accommodate average sized adults.
  • Kiva includes an additional eye plate so his eyes are constantly red when he is on the belt.
  • Able to play five music tracks from the show, consisting of three back ground music (BGM) songs as well as the insert songs "Destiny's Play" and "Supernova"
  • Kivat has speech recognition so you can talk to him (Please note, this is most likely Japanese)
  • Kivat is voiced by his original show voice actor Tomokasu Sugita

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