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Megaroad Toys and Entertainment

Megaroad Toys and Entertainment began during the airing of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger as a way for my friends and I to affordably get Gokaiger toys.  At the time Tokusatsu toys were beyond the reach of the average fan.  My goal was simple, provide my friends and anime club access to affordable toys and make enough money from it to get my own. Simple?

The idea was simple, bring in Sentai toys for Gokaiger, get my own, and be done with it.  The problem that arose is that people found out that I could get toys affordably and began asking if I could get more stuff.  I thought "hey, I can keep this up.  It isn't that bad of a hobby."  That hobby continued and by 2015 I decided to try and make a go of it.  In 2016, I grew a business partner, became an LLC, lost the business partner, grew more distributors, diversified from Tokusatsu toys and Transformers into Idol Pop, apparel, accessories, model kits, blind boxes, and more.

Megaroad is trying to carve out its place on the internet, but it is slow going.  Megaroad is currently a one man operation with a group of good friends helping me make a go of this.